Abhiya Fans: Battling False Narratives and Unjust Accusations

Abhiya fans, the devoted community of supporters for Abhishek Malhan and Jiya Shankar, have found themselves in the midst of a challenging situation in recent weeks. Their unwavering dedication to the beloved Abhiya duo, who formed a deep friendship during their appearance on Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, has been marred by negative PR tactics employed by certain individuals. This article delves into the series of events that have unfolded, resulting in Abhiya fans being portrayed in a negative light.

Palak Pursvani Incident:

In an interview, Jiya Shankar, one half of the cherished Abhiya duo, made comments about Abhishek Malhan’s priorities. Unfortunately, these remarks were misinterpreted, leading to a ripple effect within the Abhiya fandom. This misunderstanding inadvertently cast a shadow on Palak Purswani, a common friend of Abhishek and Jiya, who began receiving negative comments on her Instagram posts.

Jiya Shankar, known for her peacemaking qualities, promptly addressed the situation by responding positively to those comments on Palak’s posts. Abhiya fans, being the supportive community they are, also joined in to shower Palak with kindness and encouragement. However, a twist in the story occurred when negative articles emerged, inaccurately portraying the Abhiya fandom as haters and trolls responsible for orchestrating negative PR against Palak, a notion far from the truth.

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Akansha Puri Incident:

Recently, a puzzling article appeared on IndiaForums, alleging that Abhishek Malhan and Akansha Puri were the “new love birds in town.” What made this claim even more bewildering was the complete absence of such rumors, with the article primarily featuring a statement from Akansha herself, adamantly denying the news. This has led to suspicions that this might be another instance of paid PR maneuvering, following a similar pattern from a few months ago.

A few months prior, Akansha Puri’s PR team had disseminated fabricated dating rumors in an article involving Shiv Thakare. The fact that Akansha also denied those rumors left fans speculating whether these incidents were concocted for the sake of publicity. What adds an extra layer of intrigue to this story is the involvement of the same online portal for both incidents, raising questions about orchestrated tactics. The article went further to make the false claim that Abhishek and Jiya were dating and had subsequently broken up, despite fans knowing that no such relationship had ever been confirmed.

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JiyaKeJabaz and Ankur Ghatge Incidents:

Recently, Abhiya fans celebrated the success of their idols’ music video “JUDAIYAAN,” which surpassed 25 million views on Twitter, marking it as one of the most successful projects post-Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. To express their appreciation, they organized a Twitter trend.

However, the fan account “JiyaKeJabaz” took a different angle, suggesting that Abhiya fans were promoting a romantic narrative between Abhishek and Jiya.

This misrepresentation was debunked by Abhiya’s official Fan Club, which clarified that the trend was meant to celebrate their professional collaboration in “JUDAIYAAN.”

Adding to the confusion, Ankur Ghatge, Jiya Shankar’s PR and publicist, joined the discussion by quoting the tweet with an emoji that seemingly endorsed the false narrative.

This move perplexed fans, as Ankur’s role should revolve around supporting Jiya’s professional image rather than engaging in disputes with Abhiya fans. Although he later deleted the tweet, his involvement with negative PR left fans discontented.

Furthermore, the fan account “JiyaKeJabaz” recently posted a derogatory video accusing Abhiya fans of manipulating Jiya’s team (Ankur), which was entirely false, causing further strain in the relationship between Ankur and Jiya’s fans.

JiyaKeJabaz even added out of context tweets in the video to fulfill his narrative.

This makes it look like fan is abusing Ankur but in reality he took a stand against a Jiya hate post!
Full context!

Ankur’s History:

It’s crucial to note that Ankur Ghatge, Jiya Shankar’s PR and publicist, has been under scrutiny not only from Abhiya fans but primarily from Jiya Shankar’s own supporters since her journey on Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Fans have consistently accused him of not fulfilling his duties adequately, such as failing to appeal for votes when Jiya was nominated during the show, not providing enough content during her time in the Bigg Boss house, and not effectively promoting her.

Even Jiya had a fun roast on the same PR team in one of her Instagram posts:

Ankur was also targetted by Fahmaan Khan / Sumbul Tauqeer fans for doing similar stuff regarding them.

These allegations are substantiated by facts and evidence. However, the attempt to paint Abhiya fans in a negative light is disheartening, as their love for Jiya Shankar remains unwavering.


In the midst of the recent challenges and negative PR that Abhiya fans have encountered, one thing remains abundantly clear – their unwavering love and support for both Abhishek Malhan and Jiya Shankar. The Abhiya fandom’s passion for these two remarkable individuals knows no bounds, and they stand as a testament to the power of unwavering loyalty and dedication.

Just like Jiya Shankar’s fans, Abhiya fans love her, if not more. Their devotion goes beyond supporting her in the face of trolls or hyping her vlogs, Instagram posts, and other projects. It’s a love that transcends the boundaries of mere fandom; it’s a genuine and heartfelt affection for these two outstanding individuals.

As the world of celebrity gossip and PR often takes unexpected twists and turns, it’s comforting to see the Abhiya fandom’s enduring commitment to their idols. Despite the challenges and negative portrayals they’ve faced, they continue to be a source of positivity and support for Abhishek Malhan and Jiya Shankar. In the end, it’s their love that truly matters, and it’s a love that shines brightly, undiminished by any obstacles that may come their way.


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