From Bad To Worse: 5 Celebrities With Terrible Teeth

You always think celebrities have it all – the fame, the fortune, the flawless looks. But even the rich and famous aren’t immune to dental disasters. We all know the struggle of having a less-than-perfect smile.

Crooked teeth, yellowing, plaque build-up – it’s just part of life. But when your face is plastered on billboards and TV screens in impossibly high resolution, those dental defects get dragged out into the glaring spotlight. Here are the 5 celebs who could have used a better dental plan.

Austin McBroom

If you’ve ever watched Austin McBroom’s YouTube videos or Instagram stories, you’ve likely noticed his teeth. The popular YouTuber and influencer is known for his discolored, crooked choppers that have become somewhat of a trademark. While some fans find his imperfect smile endearing, others wish he’d consider cosmetic dentistry to improve his teeth’s appearance and alignment.

Rumor has it Austin has considered dental veneers or teeth whitening treatment but prefers to keep his natural smile. As an influencer, your image is everything, so that’s quite a statement. Some speculate Austin’s crooked, tobacco-stained teeth make him seem more relatable.

Others argue that as a public figure and role model, especially to impressionable young fans, Austin should consider the message his unaddressed dental issues might send. At the end of the day, it’s a complex issue with valid points on both sides.


The original pop icon and “Queen of Pop” Madonna has always been known for her over-the-top style and catchy songs, but her teeth? Not so much. Madonna’s teeth were already not in the best shape, but years of neglect, possible drug use in her early career, and a rumored aversion to dentists left her with a mouth full of decay and visible damage.

Rather than get necessary dental work done, Madonna opted to replace her natural teeth with silver caps and crowns. While this was meant to improve her smile’s appearance, the result was a rather off-putting metallic sheen and unnatural shape to her teeth. The silver caps have also further damaged her natural teeth over time.

Madonna’s dental disaster serves as a cautionary tale of how important proper oral care and regular checkups really are. Even with access to the best dentists and treatments money can buy, years of neglect and avoidance can lead to permanent damage. Let’s hope the Queen of Pop wises up and gets the dental care she needs before her smile is ruined beyond repair.

50 Cent

50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, is known for hits like “In Da Club” and “21 Questions.” However, the popular rapper and actor is also known for his permanently damaged teeth. In 2000, 50 Cent was shot in the face, injuring his gums and teeth. His front teeth were knocked out, and while dentists were able to put in replacements, nerve damage prevented his gums from healing properly.

50 Cent has said the dental work caused him constant pain for years. At one point, he even considered having all his teeth pulled out and getting dentures. Instead, he’s learned to live with the chronic discomfort and has used his damaged smile as a symbol of his tough upbringing and survival.

Though his smile may not be perfect, 50 Cent’s perseverance and success despite a traumatic injury and long-term suffering have made him an inspiration. His damaged teeth are a reminder of hardships overcome through determination and strength of will.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is known for many memorable characters, but perfect teeth are not among them. Did you ever Google Johnny Depp? Type in his name and I swear “Johnny Depp bad teeth” appears among the first search suggestions. And for good reason, too – the man has never been known for having Hollywood’s finest gnashers. His pearly whites have always been, let’s just say, a little rough around the edges.

Rumor has it that the actor never took good care of his teeth from an early age. Years of neglect, smoking, and drinking coffee and red wine have taken their toll.

Depp’s teeth were so bad at one point that his publicist pleaded with him to get veneers to improve his smile and appearance. He refused, not wanting to change his image. However, the teeth got so bad that eating and speaking became difficult, forcing him to finally get some cosmetic dentistry done.

Off-screen and in photos, Depp’s teeth still don’t look great but are improved from their worst days. Moral of the story: take care of your teeth or you may end up with a mouth full of trouble that’s hard to fix. Even movie stars aren’t immune to the effects of long-term neglect and abuse of one’s teeth!

Steve Buscemi

Most known for his memorable roles in Boardwalk Empire and as Adam from Netflix’s The Spy, Steve Buscemi is an acclaimed actor. However, Buscemi has notoriously bad teeth that have become almost as famous as his acting. His signature snaggletooth and stained, spaced-out teeth have been fodder for memes and parodies for years.

Buscemi has discussed his teeth in interviews, saying he never got braces as a kid and his teeth have just always been “naturally imperfect.” Rather than get expensive cosmetic dental work done as his fame grew, Buscemi has embraced his imperfect smile. Some fans even argue it adds character to his often quirky and offbeat roles.

While Buscemi’s teeth might not meet traditional Hollywood standards of beauty, his attitude about accepting himself as he is has resonated with many. His memorable smile and the unconventional path of his career stand as an inspiration that you don’t have to look a certain way to achieve your dreams. Imperfections and all, Steve Buscemi proves you can still become an icon.


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