Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth 2024: Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki, and Hidden Facts

Philly Garcia Barber is known as the most famous barber in America. The estimated Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth is more than $1 million. He is famous as a known as Phillybarbeking a nickname. His other nickname is Garcia, and it depends upon the people who call him. He is an award-winning barber and this is the reason that his net worth is increasing day by day as he is getting famous by the time.

Philly Garcia Barber is an American native and has a massive number of customers in California. He is a very skillful and talented barber and is having a good time in his career. He is so famous that world-famous personalities and athletes prefer his haircut styles. We do hope that the above words have boosted your interest in you to know about Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth and biography. So let’s read more about his life and career.

Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth

You have read that Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth is high being a barber. There are a lot of customers in overall America who trust his skills and talent. So, the number of his customers is increasing over time, and hence his net worth is also increasing with time. Instead of this, he has social media followers as well, who are again the reason for his high net worth. Read the below table for more information about Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth.

Net Worth 2024$1 Million(Approx)
Monthly Salary$10K
Annual Salary$100 K
Age in 2024Update Soon
Born:Update Soon
Country of Origin:United States of America
Last Updated:2024

Philly Garcia Barber Biography

Philly Garcia Barber is a California-born American native, and he is proud to be a California native, as he said. He started learning barber skills at an early age. He is the youngest of four siblings and is very talented among them. There is no exact news about his age and date of birth, how old he is, and when he was born. He is a very handsome young man, as he is nearly 5 feet and 7 inches tall. We have provided the table for more info about his biography, so read and enjoy.

Real NamePhilly Garcia Barber
NicknamePhilly Barber King Garcia
AgeUpdate Soon
Father (Dad):Update Soon
Mother:Update Soon
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters):Update Soon
Marital Status:Marrreid
Dating / Wife:Mey
Date Of BirthUpdate Soon
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight82 KG
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignUpdate Soon
HometownCalifornia, USA
InstagramProfile link
FacebookProfile link
TwitterProfile link
TikTokProfile link

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Early Life & Career

You would be amazed to know when he began his career, and how old he was when he began his adventure as a barber. At an early age, he was passionate about becoming a barber, and for this purpose, he used to listen to the discussions of famous barbers. Instead of this, he also used to visit barber shops to know the skills of professional barbers. When he was just 15 years old, he went to San Antonio, Texas, where he picked up his first clippers and started making his clients.

His work was so fascinating that in no time, has started producing many clients. Later, at the age of 18 years, he came back to his hometown, California, and started working full-time to pursue his passion. As his skills started boosting, his clients also started increasing over time, and he became famous in California. These days, Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth is sky-high, and all is due to his passion for his work.

What is Philly Garcia Barber Age?

Unfortunately, we failed to grab the news regarding his age and date of birth. When we see his physical appearance, he seems a very young and dashing man. He must be nearly 30 years old or less. We are trying very hard to know his age, and soon you will be updated by us. So, keep on following our websites to be updated.

Who is Philly Garcia Barber Wife?

The good news is that Philly Garcia Barber is a married man. The name of his beautiful life partner is Mely, and the couple is spending his life happily from the day they married. Mey is a very supportive wife and is also the mother of Philly Garcia Barber’s daughter. The name of their beloved daughter is Ellie. Hence, their relationship seems to be very long-lasting.

Philly Garcia Barber Wife
Image: IMDb

Philly Garcia Barber Height & Weight

Philly Garcia Barber has a good personality, as he has very good physical attributes. He is nearly five feet and seven inches long which suits his personality very well. Instead of this, he has more than normal weight as well. He weighs about 81 kg and you should remember that he has to stand still to do work. So, he is trying to maintain his physique and weight.

Philly Garcia Barber – Wikipedia

Philly Garcia is a famous personality in California, who started his journey in the barber profession in Texas when he was 15 years old. After gaining three years of experience, he returned back to his hometown in California. There he continued increasing his clients and these days, he has a huge number of customers. Hence, we can assume that Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth is highly dependent on this profession. He is the most-liked barber in California.

Philly Garcia Barber Prices

As Philly Garcia Barber is a well-known barber in California, he has slightly high rates but not too much for a good haircut. If want to have only a haircut at his shop, you have to pay nearly $60. On the other hand, you have to pay $80 for a haircut and beard. The prices can vary according to different styles as well. But these are the usual rates he charges for a haircut and beard.

Philly Garcia Barber Hometown

Earlier, he lived in San Antonio, Texas. Later, he moved to Southern California and was homeless for many days. Recently, he said via conversation that he is a Californian native and he is proud of it. So, you should be aware that his hometown is in California, USA.

Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth and Biography
Image: IMDb

Last Five Years Net Worth

Being the best barber, Philly Garcia is ready to provide its best. It is his passion that is keeping him famous among audiences. So, Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth seems increasing each and every time as his customers are increasing. He has another source of earnings such as social media accounts. He earns a good amount o Instagram and Facebook. You can read his last five years’ net worth in the below table.

Net Worth in 2022$0.9 Million
Net Worth in 2021$0.7 Million
Net Worth in 2020$0.6 Million
Net Worth in 2019$0.5 Million
Net Worth in 2018$0.4 Million

Hidden Facts About Philly Garcia Barber Life

We hope that you have known plenty of things about Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth and biography. Below is a list of some hidden facts about his life, and net worth.

  • He is a California native
  • It is collected that Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth is one million dollars
  • He is a married person
  • He is the father of a daughter, named Ellie
  • He has nearly 52.5k Followers on Instagram
  • He weighs about 82 kg
  • He started his career at the age of 15 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Philly Barber King Garcia?

Philly Garcia is also being called a Philly Barber King Garcia. It is his other i=nickname.

Where is Philly Garcia from?

Originally, he is from California and he said that he is proud to be a California native.

How old is Philly Barber?

There is no exact date of birth available, so you will be updated soon.

What is Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth?

It is estimated by Forbes that Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth is $1 Million.

To whom was Philly Garcia Barber married?

He married a lady named Mey, and she is the mother of his daughter as well.

How tall is Philly Garcia Barber?

He is nearly five feet and seven inches long, and this makes him look very handsome man.


That’s all from today. We do hope that the article about Philly Garcia Barber Net Worth proved very helpful to you. You read about his talent and skills which are the key factors of his success, and fame. Another main reason for his success is that he has a handsome experience as well. That’s why he is trusted by many personalities and athletes. And signs show that he will reach the peak of his career success and his net worth will increase with time. If you find this article valuable, please do inform us via comments. Your reviews will be given priority as well. Just keep on following our website for more. Regards!


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