Top 4 websites you should visit in 2024

As 2024 approaches, the internet remains a gold mine for fans of Bollywood looking for news, rumors, and behind the scenes material. Of the numerous websites, four are particularly noteworthy for their distinct viewpoints and thorough coverage of the glitzy realm of Indian cinema. Now let’s explore the top 4 Bollywood websites that you should bookmark for 2024. 

By concentrating on understanding the enigmatic world of blind items, has established a name for itself in the Bollywood journalism scene. goes above and beyond what is published in blind items by many newspapers and entertainment portals. This blog aims to reveal the identities of the celebrities referenced in these blind items, giving readers a behind the scenes look at the rumors circulating in the business. Originally designed to give readers clarity, the website now features exclusive blind items that are sourced from industry insiders. now covers a wide range of Indian movie related topics, including beauty, travel, health, and more, in addition to blind items. is necessary reading for anyone interested in Bollywood who wants to uncover the untold stories of the industry. provides an exclusive perspective for examining the glamorous realm of Bollywood. Though articles about travel, health, fitness, beauty, and fashion are the website’s main areas of interest, it also offers a unique viewpoint from a Mumbaikar. encapsulates the spirit of Mumbai’s dynamic way of life in a city that never sleeps and is a melting pot of cultures. This website is a complete resource for anyone looking to match their lifestyle with the glitzy pulse of Mumbai, offering everything from beauty advice fit for a city known for its fast-paced lifestyle to insights into the latest fashion trends. is a flexible platform that curates top 10 lists encompassing different aspects of the entertainment industry, even beyond the boundaries of Bollywood. This website offers a comprehensive overview of the film industry, featuring everything from selecting the greatest Bollywood films to highlighting up and coming artists. streamlines the bewildering array of options that Bollywood fans frequently encounter for those who have a taste for well-organized and carefully selected content. Explore its carefully curated lists to find the best of Bollywood and the entertainment industry at large. explores the business aspects of the film industry in addition to the glitz and glamour. The website presents a distinctive viewpoint by offering information on Bollywood celebrities’ net worth. answers fans curiosity about the financial situation of their favorite stars, from actors and actresses to directors and producers. This website provides a novel perspective on the Bollywood industry, bridging the gap between stardom and financial success as the industry continues to change.


These four Bollywood websites cater to the diverse interests of enthusiasts, from decoding the mysterious world of blind items to providing a Mumbaikar’s perspective on beauty, fashion, health, fitness, and travel. Whether you’re interested in curated lists, financial insights, or exclusive gossip, these websites are the go-to destinations for staying connected with the ever-evolving world of Bollywood in 2024.


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