Unveiling the Mysteries: A Comprehensive Guide to Tarot Reading

When people come to know that someone can read Tarot cards, the very first question they ask is “What are tarot cards and how do they work?” Tarot reading has remained one of the attractive methods of gaining insights and guidance related to the intricate journey of life. It helps people to have a reflection of the unseen future. 

Seems magical, doesn’t it?

What is Tarot?

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each of them has its own imagery, story and symbolism. 22 of them are called Major Arcana cards, they tend to deal with major and significant events of life, for example, career relationships and love. Rest of them are called the Minor Arcana cards represent the usual trials and hurdles we experience on daily basis. 

Tarot reading is a classic practice involving a deck of cards with certain symbols, shapes, and pictures. Each card has a unique meaning but can be interpreted in various ways. They offer guidance and insights into different aspects of life – be it love, career, or personal development. Learn more about Tarot reading and its phenomenon at Wiki.

Are You Interested In Learning Tarot Reading: Steps To Follow

Getting into tarot reading can be irresistible at first. You may also get your online tarot readings at Tarotoo.com. Here’s an easy step guide to have it smoothly. 

Step 1: Choosing a deck

As Tarot deck is not a usual deck, it cannot be purchased without any resonance. Buying a tarot deck is like choosing a roommate – having a positive intuitive vibe.

Step 2: Understanding the basics of Tarot cards

Tarot deck has 78 cards, finely divided into two sections: 22 major and 56 minor cards. The titles of cards themselves  are representative of their prediction areas.

Step 3: Think of a question

Keeping the purpose of tarot cards, you will need to think of a question, favorably open-ended ones. The questions should be clear and concise that deal with who, where, how and what type of introspection. Try not to ask questions.

Step 4: Choose a place for reading

You will need to sit at a calm place, where you may feel peaceful. You can set the environment of the surroundings depending on your mood. Some people like to use specific ornaments while performing reading acts, some use candles and papers. Some people clean the area as well, you may go with any choice. 

Step 5: Shuffling and cutting

After settling down you’ll need to shuffle the cards and divide them in smaller piles, and put them face down. After that, re-stake them again and flip individual cars one by one. You are just a step away from your readings. 

Step 6: Relate the pictures with given details

Some of the basic tips to know are the symbolism of pictures, for example cups are associated with water and are primarily concerned with emotional and imaginational aspects of life. Wans are associated with fire, a passion that means they represent energy and creative forces. Pentacles tend to relate with earth, which means they deal with the aspects like money, home and a career in one’s life.


All this was about tarot cards and the method of using them. They’re different from commonly used cards and have a specific method of using. 


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