Bill Carlton Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Age, and Amazing Facts 2024

Bill Carlton is a famous American businessman, and a millionaire, who worked hard to achieve his career best. It is estimated that Bill Carlton’s Net Worth is nearly $5 million. Bill Carlton is also very famous for a show, he used to feature named Texas Metal.

Another thing that takes a great part in his progress is a company that he owns, and the name of the company is “Extensive Metal Works”. This company is based on custom automobile design, and fabrication, which is used to design automobiles approximately all over America.

Bill Carlton’s show is very popular in America, in which he used to show auctions of his designed automobiles and everything related to business. His actual career started when he; founded his company Extensive Metal Works in 1994.

He struggled a lot, and now he is well-known for his best work and automobiles. He is extending his company from simple automobile, and fabrication to designing and modifying trucks, and cars as well.

Instead of a huge number of customers, he also has a huge fan following on social media. This is the reason that Bill Carlton’s Net Worth is increasing over time.

What is Bill Carlton Net Worth?

When we look at the sources of income Bill Carlton has. He is a well-known businessman and the owner of a company named Extensive Metal Works. Another source of income which he has is his show which is very lovable for the audience. So, we can conclude that Bill Carlton Net Worth must be very high. It is confirmed by Forbes, that Bill Carlton’s Net Worth is near about 5 million dollars. For more information about Bill Carlton’s Net Worth, and biography, see the below table:

Net Worth 2024$5 million(Approx)
Monthly Salary$33k
Annual Salary$ 400k
Age in 202447
Born:11 February 1976
Country of Origin:United States of America
ProfessionBusinessman, Owner of Ekstensive metal works
Last Updated:2024

Bill Carlton Biography

Bill Carlton is a 46 years old successful businessman, the owner of a company, and a host of a famous TV show. He was born on 11 February 1976, in Houston, Texas. He has good physical attributes as well, as he is 5 feet 8 inches tall. His weight is also not too high at this stage of life, as he weighs about 75 kg. He is the son of a mechanic, and his parents must be proud of him. Let’s read his complete biography in the below table:

Real NameBill Carlton
NicknameBill Carlton
Age48 Years
Father (Dad):Not Available
Mother:Not Available
Children:Keegan, Presley, and Corbin Carlton
Marital Status:Married
Date Of Birth11 February 1976
Birth PlaceHouston, Texas, USA
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Weight75 KG
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
HometownHouston, Texas, USA
ProfessionBusinessman, Owner of Ekstensive metal works
InstagramProfile link
TwitterProfile link

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Bill Carlton Family and Relationship

In his family, he has parents and other family members. The name of his parents is still unknown, but it is known that his father was a mechanic. So, interest in automobiles was developed in Bill Carlton throughout his early life. So, his father helped him a lot to see the inner behavior of automobiles effectively.

Bill is a married man and the name of his wife is Jennifer. She is the best life partner and business partner ever for Bill Carlton. As she helps her and used to direct their company as well. The couple has three children as well, and the name of their kids is Keegan, Presley, and Corbin Carlton. He must have other family members but he kept all those members in secret, may e want privacy in his personal affairs and relationships.

Early Life, and Career

Bill Carlton came into being on 11 February 1976. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas, USA. His father was a mechanic who used to repair different automobiles. This is the reason, Bill got internet in automobiles, and he started learning about automobiles from his father in his father’s garage. His passion brought him to the trade school where he started learning about different vehicles such as cars, and trucks, and how to repair and fix them.

Later he graduated, ut the name of the institution is unknown. After graduation, he started attending his father’s garage with more attention by taking more time, which led him to open his own automobile shop. Now his passion has made him able to become a most successful mechanic and a millionaire in America.

Now Bill Carlton Net Worth has increased very much, as we can see from his work in almost every single automobile. Later he launched a company named Ekstensive Automobiles, which is also one of the best automobile companies in America. He also used to host a TV show.

Bill Carlton Wife

It is very difficult for a person to find a such partner who could help him in his life as well as his professional life.  Bill Carlton is one of those people who has such a kind of life partner who not only helps her in their private life as well as direct and helps her husband in her career.

Jennifer is the name of his only wife. She is not only her wife but also the director of the show named Texas Metal, hosted by her husband, Bill Carlton. The couple is living their life happily, with their three beautiful children.

What is Bill Carlton Age?

As we have discussed earlier that Bill was born on 11 February 1976. So, by the year 2024, he is 48 years old. He looks very fit and handsome and has some maintained physical attributes. He used to celebrate his birthday every 11th of February, with his family.

Bill Carlton Height, and Weight

Bill possesses very good physical attributes, which make him very attractive at this stage of life. As Bill is nearly about 5 feet and 8 inches tall which suits him very well to his physique. Bill Carlton also weighs about 5 kg, which shows that he is physically very fit. He must have a proper diet plan for his life.

Bill Carlton Wikipedia

A successful businessman and a professional automobile mechanic are Bill Carlton, who is currently among the millionaires of the United States of America. This is the time when Bill Carlton Net Worth is sky-high, as he is running his career very well. He owns a company Ekstensive Automobiles. Instead of successful professional life, he is also living his married life very happily as well. He must be proud of his father as he did what his father couldn’t do in his life.

Bill Carlton Texas Metal

As we do know that Bill is a professional mechanic. He also used to host a TV show, and the name of the show is Texas Metal. Her wife is the director of this TV show. He is a very experienced mechanic as he started learning this work in his childhood. He worked hard and started his own career in a small automobile shop. This company plays a huge role in Bill Carlton Net Worth.

Texas Metal Bill Carlton’s wife Jennifer

Jennifer is the name of Bill Carlton’s wife. Bill is married to Jennifer, and the couple has three children as well. She is very beautiful as well as attractive. She is also a good wife, as she not only helps her husband in their private life but as well as she helps her husband in his career. As she is the director of the show hosted by her husband.

Bill Carlton Ekstensive

Currently, Bill Carlton is the owner of his company, and the name of the company is Ekstensive Automobiles. This company was founded in 1994, and now it is running at its peak. He started this company from a small shop and now he owns a very big company. So, it shows that he is very experienced in his profession.

Last Five Years’ Net Worth

All we know is that net worth depends highly upon the sources of income a person has. As Bill himself has a huge company and also used to hist a channel as well. So, he must possess a huge amount of money. So, it is concluded from the experts that Bill Carlton Net Worth is very good, and nearly 5 million dollars. Let’s see his last five years’ net worth in the below table:

Net Worth in 2021$4.8million
Net Worth in 2020$4 million
Net Worth in 2019$3.6 million
Net Worth in 2018$3.1million
Net Worth in 2017$2.5million

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Ekstensive Texas Metal?

Ekstensive Texas Metal is owned by Bill Carlton, and it was founded in 1994.

Who owns Texas Metal?

Texas Metal is a TV show owned and hosted by Bill Carlton. The show is reality based

How many employees does Texas Metal have?

The total number of employees at Texas Metal is nearly 50 and this may increase over time.

Who is Timmy on Texas Metal?

His full name is Tim Donelson, and he is a shop foreman at Ekstensive Metal Works.

How old is Bill Carlton?

According to his date of birth, 11 February 1976, he is 46 years old by the year 2022.

What is the name of Bill Carlton Wife?

The name f his wife is Jennifer who is the mother of his three kids, and the director of the show he hosts named Texas Metal.

Final Words

Bill Carlton is the owner of Extensive Automobiles and a TV show named Texas Metal. He is spending his luxurious life with his family. We can see that Bill Carlton net worth is increasing over time, and currently Bill Carlton Net Worth is $5 million. We do hope you have enjoyed reading the above article. Keep us following for more articles like this. Regards!


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