Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth, Biography, Husband, Daughter, and Hidden Facts 2024

Chef Carmen Atl is a famous chef and cooks in America. It is estimated that Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth is approximately $3 million. Chef Carmen Atl is her nickname, and her real name is Carmen Atlanta Smith. She is a well-known American chef and runs a personal successful business as a Chef in Atlanta.

She achieved this success by working at many Atlanta-based restaurants. She is also well-known for Igotchu Seasonings. Another thing that gave her a hand in her success is that she keeps on learning different business skills and continue sharpening her skills in her Chef career.

Chef Carmen Atl also runs a YouTube channel, which is based on cooking. She shares different videos of cooking and experiences she had working on different restaurants. She is an expert in her profession as she started her career as a Chef in her childhood. She learned cooking from her mother and grandmother. Chef Carmen Alt also has to suffer a lot in her life, as she had an accident and all hope to recover vanished. But she never lose hope and her faith led her to breathe again. Today none can deny her reputation as a professional cook. With the passage of time, Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth is increasing.

What is Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth?

One must remember that we are talking about a famous American professional cook. From the beginning of her career, she got much experience and fame. From her childhood to this stage of life, she got too much of her profession as a chef. She also runs a YouTube channel, which is another good source of her income.

So, we saw that she has enough sources to have a good net worth. It is collected the experts that Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth is nearly 3 million or above. See the below table to get more information about Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth, and biography.

Net Worth 2024$3 million(Approx)
Monthly Salary$30k
Annual Salary$150k
Age in 2024Not Available
Born:Not Available
Country of Origin:United States of America
ProfessionChef, Cooking Vlogger
Last Updated:2024

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Chef Carmen Atl Biography

Chef Carmen was born in Pensacola Florida. There is no exact date of birth available on social media, may she wants to keep her age secret. She learned cooking from her mother and grandmother.

She was so passionate that when she was too small to work, she started working and gaining experience. She is a lady of good physique. She has a very good physical appearance, as she is about 5 feet 8 inches tall. The name of her ex-husband is Herbert Rodgers, who died in prison. She is an American national, as she was born and raised in America. For more details, see below table:

Real NameCarmen Atlanta Smith
NicknameChef Carmen Atl
AgeNot Available
Father (Dad):Not Available
Mother:Not Available
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters):Five Siblings
Marital Status:Married
Dating / Boyfriend:Not Available
Date Of BirthNot Available
Birth PlacePensacola Florida, USA
Height5 feet and 8 inches
WeightNot Available
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignNot Available
HometownPensacola Florida
ProfessionChef, Cooking Vlogger
YouTubeProfile link
InstagramProfile link
TwitterProfile link
Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth, and Biography

Early Life and Career

It is said that she started her profession as a chef at the age of ten years. She got many skills from her mother and grandmother, which led her to become a good chef of America. At the age of 16, she started catering for the local basketball team as well. She got great reviews through this, and now she is holding a successful personal chef business, and catering concession in Atlanta. Another interesting fact of her life is that she was one of her five adopted siblings. She used to prepare food for he siblings and other family members from a young age.

Talking about her education, she studied in school as well as college in Florida. But she hardly preferred studies, as she kept on working at different restaurants in Florida. During her college days, she enables herself to work in different restaurants and gain experience. In 2001, she also had a tragic accident with little hope to recover. Later she recovered from her injuries due to her faith, and passion for life. Currently, being a successful chef, Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth is more than 3 million dollars.

How Old is Chef Carmen Atl

It’s all we do know is that Carmen is a married lady, and is the mother of a daughter named Ashley. But she never ever shared her age and the date when she was born. Though she looks fit to some extent, she kept her age private. We will update you soon as we get the news related to her date of birth.

Chef Carmen Husband

Chef Carmen is a married lady. The name of her husband is Jesus Salguiero. She also has a daughter and name of her daughter is Ashley. But she kept her marriage life, we can say personal life, private to some extent. There s no info about her parents and other family members.

Chef Carmen Atl Daughter Ashley

Chef Carmen has a daughter probably named Ashley. Currently, the news is spreading that Chef Carmen has fired her daughter. Carmen said in a video that Ashley was a high-value daughter. Instead of this, she said that her daughter took great care of her mom as well.

My daughter looks like me, she added. But there is no info that Carmen has fired her daughter, and what are the reasons behind this. One visits youtube and Facebook to see a video related to her daughter, may he find better news.

Chef Carmen Atl Seasonings

Chef Carmen is also famous for her Igotchu Seasonings. She used to cook various kinds of delicious and tasty foods there. She started her Igotchu Seasonings in 2012, and she use to sell many things there.

Things like lemonade, cookbooks, fried chicken coating, and single seasonings are available at her Igotchu Seasonings. She also tells many tips regarding her different foods. One can order online her seasonings as well, by visiting her official site Igotchu Seasonings.

Chef Carmen Atl Accident

Every successful man had a sorrowful story behind his or her success. Chef Carmen is also one of them who suffered a lot in her early life. As she had a furious accident in 2001, which led her to lose all hopes to recover.

The doctors also said that she had no hope to recover and walk again on her foot. But Chef Carmen proved to be a brave lady, as she never lose hope of recovery. It is her faith that led her to walk so soon on her feet. Then she struggled to build her career, and now she is a famous chef in America.

Chef Carmen Atl Girlfriend Stephanie

Stephanie is said to be the lover of Chef Carmen, so she was called the girlfriend of Chef Carmen. Currently, both are separated, and there is an unknown reason behind their separation. There must be some reason and we will update you soon. There is also some rumors that Chef Carmen is Gay as she is dating a woman. So, people used to say her black gay, and lesbian.

Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth, and Biography

Last Five Years’ Net Worth

We have read that Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth is nearly three million. As a matter of net worth, it keeps on changing over time. As Chef Carmen gained success slowly, so earlier her net worth was low. But now Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth is high. Net worth also depends on the sources of income one has. Visit the below table to see the last five years’ net worth of Chef Carmen:

Net Worth in 2021$2.8 million
Net Worth in 2020$2.5 million
Net Worth in 2019$1.9 million
Net Worth in 2018$1.5 million
Net Worth in 2017$1.2 million

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the daughter of Chef Carmen?

She has a daughter of whom she spoke on a youtube video. The news about Carmen is spread out that she has fired her daughter named, Ashley.

Who is the girlfriend of Chef Carmen Atl?

It is famous about Carmen she is lesbian. The reason behind this is that being a woman, she has a girlfriend named Stephanie.

Who is the husband of Chef Carmen Atl?

She is a married woman, and the name of her husband is Jesus Salguiero.


Chef Carmen Atl is a Chef in America, who is very famous for her delicious food. She is a very experienced cook as she started learning to cook when she was too small. That is the reason that Chef Carmen Atl Net Worth is very high, which is more than nearly $3 million.


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