Coss Marte Net Worth 2024: Biography, Wife, Age, Wiki, and Rare Facts

Coss Marte is one of the famous American personalities and is the owner of the fitness company. It is estimated that Coss Marte Net Worth is nearly $5 million which is enough to make him a rich personality in America. The life of Coss Marte is full of tragedies as he has faced many difficulties in his life. He was involved in some illegal businesses as well. But these days he is the best businessman and an international speaker, who speaks of successful business strategies and the ways to success. Hence, Coss Marte Net Worth is very high due to her multiple earning sources.

An interesting thing about Coss Marte is that he is known as a three-time felon. Because he remained in prison for almost ten years due to drug dealing. Later he was free from prison and left all those bad things behind. He founded his own fitness company as he was inspired very well by prison about fitness. So, he founded Coss Athletics. He holds a program which is called “prison style Bootcamp.” Here he use to train his clients on how to retain fitness. It is estimated that he has near about 400 clients. He use to hold 14 classes in a week. Instead of this, he has two trainers who are working under him.

Let us see read more deeply about Coss Marte Net Worth and biography!

Coss Marte Net Worth

All we know is that the net worth of a personality keeps on changing with the passage of time. The dame is happening with Coss Marte Net Worth. At the beginning of his company, Coss Marte Net Worth was not too much. Day after day, he started producing his clients all over America. Nowadays, Coss Marte Net worth is sky-high. His net worth is more than five million dollars and is increasing day by day. As he is an author, the owner of a fitness company, and an international speaker as well. For more details about his net worth, see the below table:

Net Worth 2024$5 million(Approx)
Monthly Salary$100k
Annual Salary$220k
Age in 2024N/A
Country of Origin:United States of America
Last Updated:2024

Coss Marte Biography

Coss Marte is a well-known American celebrity who owns a fitness company. He is quite a young and handsome man. He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. He is nearly 5 f There is no clear information about his date of birth. He has never ever shared his private information. He is the son of Licelott C. Marte de Barrios. He weighs near about 100kg. But these days he seems very fit and diet conscious as well. So, he might have reduced his weight. Below table is deeply providing information about Coss Marte Net Worth, and Biography:

Real NameCoss Marte
NicknameCoss Marte
Father (Dad):Licelott C. Marte de Barrios
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters):Christopher Marte
Marital Status:Married
Dating / Wife:Roxie Velas
Date Of BirthUpdate Soon
Birth PlaceNew York City Metropolitan Area
Height5 feet 8 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignN/A
HometownNew York City Metropolitan Area
InstagramProfile link
TwitterProfile link
FacebookProfile link

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Coss Marte Family and Relationship

Currently, Coss Marte is a good family man. In his family, he has a beautiful wife whose name is Roxie Velas. After spending a long time in prison, he is now a noble citizen. He has a two-year-old son as well. He has parents but he mentioned the name of his father only. His father’s name is Licelott C. Marte de Barrios. His father was a lawyer, politician, accountant, and diplomat. Instead of this, he has one sibling as well. The name of his brother is Christoper Marte. Except for this, he never shared any personal information on any social media platform. May he has maintained his privacy very well.

Early Life and Career

Before the start of his career, Coss Marte faced many troubles and difficulties. As he was hand to mouth and has to choose some illegal source to feed himself. So, he has to be a drug dealer at an early age and for this purpose, he was prisoned. He was prisoned for ten years. In the prison, his punishment was increased by three years as an officer said that he was going to attack him. But it wasn’t really as Coss Marte was bending to pick up his glasses, nothing else. During his prison time, he became very heavy. Even the doctors said him to take part in the gym or any other sort of exercise.

After he was released from prison he was changed truly. He decided to put aside all illegal work and founded a fitness company. These days, he is one of the most successful personalities in America. He is now a source of motivation for his fans as well as clients, as he is an international speaker. He is also the author of many books as well. Due to his multiple sources of income, Coss Marte Net Worth is more than 5 million dollars.

Coss Marte Wife

Coss Marte is a married man and has a very beautiful wife. The name of his wife is Roxie Velas. The couple has one child as well. Both are spending their lives happily, and support each other in every moment of life. You can visit the official Instagram account of Coss Marte to see his beautiful wife and his baby. His wife is very attractive and young. She is a suitable life partner for Coss Marte.

Coss Marte Age

It is still a myth to know about the age of Coss Marte. The reason behind this is that Coss Marte never shared any information regarding his age and date of birth. By his physique and personality, he looks above forty years old. But we just can assume. We are struggling our best to know his date of birth, and soon we will update you with his age and date of birth. So, cling to us for updates.

Coss Marte Height

Coss Marte is a quite tall and handsome man. His height is very suitable for his body. The time when he was very fat, his height was not good looking for him. But he is now a bodybuilder and looks very dashing. He is nearly 5 feet and 8 inches.

Coss Marte Fat

In the prison, Coss Marte started getting fat with the passage of time, as he had no chance of taking exercise. He was called Fat Forest Gump. Later he was prescribed by the doctors in the prison to take daily exercise. He was too inspired to decrease his weight, he stars remain diet conscious. He was forced to be put on a low-carb diet. He used to run for hours in the prison. He gained a lot of experience in fitness, and this lead him to be a fitness expert. Now, he is the owner of a fitness company. The name of his fitness company is CONBODY, which is built in prison style.

Coss Marte Drugs

Coss Marte and drugs are related to each other. Because, at an early age, Coss Marte was forced by the life crucial conditions suffering to sell drugs. So, he was a big dealer of drugs. Due to this reason, he was sentenced to seven years, and later the punishment was increased to ten years due to some misconception. But he is now changed very well and became a good citizen and a father as well.

Last Five Years’ Net Worth

The net worth of a person depends upon the source of earnings the person has. On the other hand, net worth keeps on changing over time as well. Coss Marte is a perfect businessman and earns a handsome amount of money throughout his career. He owns a fitness company named CONBODY. In this company, he has more than 400 clients. Instead of this, he has some social media accounts such as Instagram, etc. All these earning sources are too much for Coss Marte Net Worth. How has Coss Marte Net Worth changed in the last five years, the answer is given below!

Net Worth in 2022$4.5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$3.4 Million
Net Worth in 2020$3 Million
Net Worth in 2019$2.7 Million
Net Worth in 2018$2.2 Million

Facts About Coss Marte Net Worth and Biography

Though we have gone through deeply about Coss Marte Net Worth, and other information about his life. But we made a short list of his life facts. So, let us read them quickly!

  • Coss Marte is the owner of the CON BODY fitness company.
  • Coss Marte spent his life’s ten years in prison.
  • He is the father of one child.
  • He is a married man.
  • Coss Marte is an American citizen.
  • His wife’s name is Roxie Velas.
  • There is no obvious information about his age.
  • He is nearly five feet and eight inches tall.
  • The estimated Coss Marte Net Worth is five million dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Coss Marte do?

He is a very successful businessman and earns a handsome worth throughout his career. He is a fitness expert and owns a company that teaches people how to be fit in a better way.

What is CONBODY workout?

CONBODY is a fitness method, owned by Coss Marte. This fitness method is built in prison style which is a nonstop program.

How old is Coss Marte?

We found no related information about his date of birth. Soon, you will be updated about his age.

Who is Coss Marte Wife?

He is a married person and has a very beautiful wife as well. The name of his pretty wife is Roxie Velas.

How tall is Coss Marte?

He is about five feet and eight inches tall, which is very suitable for his body.

What is Coss Marte Net Worth?

It is collected by Forbes that Coss Marte Net Worth is nearly or more than five million dollars.

What is Coss Marte Nationality?

Coss Marte is settled in the Lower East Side of New York City. So, he is an American national, and a citizen of America.


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