Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth 2024: Biography, Husband, Age, Wiki, Instagram, and Rare Facts

Gorilla Glue Girl is a well-known social media star and influencer. It is estimated by critics that Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth is nearly $300k or more. Her net worth is highly dependent on her social media activities. As she is a well-known TikTok star and used to influence her fans and followers on social media such as Instagram, and TikTok. The real name of Gorilla Glue Girl is Tessica Brown, but she is famous as Gorilla Glue Girl.

The main reason for her fame is her video which she uploaded on social media. In that video, she was using gorilla glue on her hair to fix them. The video went viral and changed her life at the moment. It took a few days for Gorilla Glue Girl to gain popularity. In this article, you will read all possible information about Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth, and overall biography.

Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth

Before Gorilla Glue Girl gained popularity, she was a teacher at an elementary school. But an incident changed her life completely when her video went viral on social media. These days, she is enjoying a very good life. The estimated Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth is about $300k and is expected to be increased over time. The below table will provide you with more info about Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth.

Net Worth 2024$300K Million(Approx)
Monthly Salary$10K
Annual Salary$200 K
Age in 202442 Years
Born: October 21, 1981
Country of Origin:The United States of America
ProfessionTeacher, Social Media Influencer, Tik Tok Star
Last Updated:2024
Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth
Image: IMDb


Tessica Brown, famous as a Gorilla Glue Girl, is a 41 years old lady, who was born on October 20, 1981, in Violet, Louisiana, U.S. Hence, Tessica Brown was born and raised in the USA, and is a citizen of the USA as well. She is not a married lady but a mother of five children. She is recently engaged to a man named Dewitt Madison.

Real NameTessica Brown
Nickname Gorilla Glue Girl
Age41 Years
Father (Dad):Update Soon
Mother:Jessica Brown
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters):Update Soon
Marital Status:Engaged
Dating / Boyfriend:Dewitt Madison
Date Of BirthOctober 21, 1981
Birth PlaceViolet, Louisiana, United States
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight68 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignLibra
HometownViolet, Louisiana, United States
ProfessionTeacher, Social Media Influencer, Tik Tok Star
InstagramProfile link
TikTokProfile link

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Early Life & Career

Before Gorilla Glue Girl became famous, she was a teacher at Local Private School, in Louisiana. As she was born in her family on Oct 20, 1981. But the gorilla glue has changed her life very well. Though gorilla glue costed her hair damage for a long time, despite it, she became well-known to the world.

Nowadays, Gorilla Glue Girl is roaring on social media through TikTok and Instagram. She has a simple lifestyle, but this style is not going to stop her from getting famous. That is why Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth is also increasing day by day. It is expected that Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth is nearly or more than 300k dollars.

Gorilla Glue Girl Husband

We searched a lot about her marital status, and in the end, we came to know that Gorilla Glue Girl is not married but engaged. The name of her fiance is Dewitt Madison. Though she is unmarried she is the mother of five daughters as well. Both Tessica Brwon, and Dewitt Madison are expected to marry soon.

Gorilla Glue Girl Age

Gorilla Glue Girl is 42 years old but will turn 43 years old by October 21, 2024. She will celebrate her birthday on October 21, 2024, with her family and friends.

Gorilla Glue Girl Height & Weight

Gorilla Glue Girl has quite attractive physical attributes. She is nearly 5 feet and 5 inches tall, which suits very well to her body and looks. On the other hand, she is smart and has a normal weight as well. As he weighs about 68kg. But weight keeps on changing over time, and we will keep you updated.

Gorilla Glue Girl Instagram

The main source of earnings that is playing a great part in Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth is Instagram. Gorilla Glue Girl is active on Instagram and used to share videos related to her usual activities. She has near about 12,767 posts on Instagram and has a huge number of fans as well. You can visit her Instagram account via the link given above.

Gorilla Glue Girl Died

Indeed, No! Gorilla Glue Girl is healthy and alive and living happily with her family. She is engaged and has a very handsome fiance as well. So, do not trust fake rumors regarding her death. The rumors about her death are due to the gorilla glue that she used on her hair. She faced problems but she is fit mentally and physically.

Gorilla Glue Girl Suing

After the gorilla glue incident, Tessica Brown faced huge trouble regarding her hair. So, she decided to sue the adhesive company. As the label on the gorilla glue mislead her and her hair was stuck in one position. She decided to lawsuit the company that made gorilla glue.

Gorilla Glue Girl Teacher

It is amazing for the readers that Gorilla Glue Girl started her career as a teacher at a local private school. And she loves her teaching profession as well because she shares her teaching ability via social media as well. You can see her teaching her class in the school.

Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth and Teacher
Image: IMDb

Last Five Years Net Worth

There is a huge gap in Gorilla Glue Girl’s Net Worth before she went viral. As she was just a teacher at a private school. But nowadays she is having a blast of net worth and earning a lot of amount via social media. Below we have given a table of Gorilla Glue Girl’s Net Worth in the last five years.

Net Worth in 2022$ 290K
Net Worth in 2021$ 250K
Net Worth in 2020$ 200K
Net Worth in 2019$ 180K
Net Worth in 2018$ 130K

Facts About Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth & Life

Below is a list of some rare facts about Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth and complete biography.

  • Tessica is a teacher at her hometown private school
  • She loves to have tattoos on her body
  • Tessica always loves to post and share pictures of her school where she teaches
  • She loves to eat chicken, and things with chicken
  • On her tongue, she has piercing as well
  • The approximate Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth is 300 thousand dollars
  • She loves to watch movies with her children at cinemas
  • She loves to share quotes on her social media accounts
  • She remained a patient with ulcers

Who is the girl with Gorilla Glue in her hair?

She is Tessica Brown, and famous as a Gorilla Glue Girl.

How old is Tessica Brown?

She is nearly 42 years old, and still looks very young, as she is diet conscious.

Does Tessica Brown have kids?

Verily, she has kids, as she is the mother of five children.

How tall is Gorilla Glue Girl?

She has good height as she is about 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

How much Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth is?

It is good to see that Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth is more than 300K dollars.

Where from Gorilla Glue Girl is?

She is a citizen of America, as her birthplace is in Violet, Louisiana, United States.

That’s all from today’s article about Gorilla Glue Girl Net Worth and other possible info. Her life is a fine example that shows that how life can change in a moment. Only one incident can life change life thoroughly. The same happened with Tessica Brown, who with the nickname Gorilla Glue Girl. It is always our first priority to provide our readers with all possible sorts of information. Whenever you find any mistake in the article, please do inform us via comments, you will help s by doing so. Goodbye till the next article.Cheers!


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