Joel Cruz Net Worth, Biography, Kids, Perfumes, and Amazing Facts 2024

Joel Cruz is the founder and CEO of  Aficionado. Joel Cruz Net Worth is near about $12 million. One should be aware of this famous perfume firm in the Philippines. Having a passion to start his business, he has brought business to the very next level. These days he is considered the best and most famous seller in the Philippines. His income depends mostly upon his business Aficionado. Instead, of this, he is having a successful youtube channel, so he also earns a good amount from the youtube platform.

Joel Cruz came into being on  February 5, 1965, in Dominican Republic’s Bajos De Haina, Philippines. The full name of Joel Cruz is Joel Santos Cruz. The name of his father is Dionisio Cruz, and his mother’s name is Milagros Cruz. Joel Cruz is the sixth child of Mr & Mrs. Dionisio Cruz.  He is a married man and never talked about his wife. But he has almost eight children. The name f his wife is Courtney Jones Cruz, to whom he married on October 5, 2021. We will discuss further Joel Cruz in this article.

What is Joel Cruz Net Worth?

Joel Cruz runs a successful business named Aficionado. It is based on a perfume company and one of the most famous companies in the Philippines. Joel Cruz Net Worth is expected to be $12 million. His income depends upon his business-Aficionado, as well as a Youtube channel. So, his source of income is not limited to his business alone.

Net Worth 2024$12 million(Approx)
Monthly Salary$90k
Annual Salary$390k
Age in 202459 Years
Born:February 5, 1965
Country of Origin:Philippines
Last Updated:2024
Joel Cruz Net Worth, and Biography
Image: IMDb

Joel Cruz Biography

Joel Cruz was born on February 5, 1965. He was born and raised in Dominican Republic’s Bajos De Haina, Philippines. He is currently 58 years old. He is a married man and married a lady named Courtney Jones Cruz. He has about eight children as well. He is one of seven siblings and the child of Mr & Mrs. Dionisio. Joel Cruz Net Worth and complete biography are given below in this article:

Real NameJoel Santos Cruz 
Nickname Joel Cruz 
Age58 years old
Father (Dad):Dionisio Cruz
Mother:Milagros Cruz
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters):Not Available
Marital Status:Married
Dating / Boyfriend:Not Available
Date Of Birth February 5, 1965
Birth PlaceDominican Republic’s Bajos De Haina, Philippines
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBrown
Zodiac SignAquarius
HometownDominican Republic’s Bajos De Haina, Philippines
YouTubeProfile link
InstagramProfile link

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Joel Cruz Early Life

Joel Cruz was born in a family of Mr & Mrs. Dionisio, on February 5, 1965. For his studies, he got admission to the University of Santo Tomas. There he was rewarded with a Loyalty Reward. He graduated in Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas, in science. First, he joined the medical field being a graduate of Psych. Later he changed his decision and decided to join the fashion industry.

Joel Cruz Business Life

He started his business with the help of his mother, in 1987. During the Asian crisis, the demand for his company’s products decreased which is why he closed his business. Later, he started working as an entrepreneur, but he was unsuccessful in this career as well. He also worked for his father’s truck rental service and brought a considerable profit from it.

Joel Cruz Twin

Joel Cruz is the father of eight children, and six of eight children were born through in vitro fertilization by the same surrogate, Olesia. The biological mom of the children is Lilia. Recently, Joel shared a pic of his surrogate Olesia, and his wife Lilia, who is holding his twins. He got his first set of twins in 2012, whose names were Prince Sean and Princess Synne. Then he had a second set of twins named, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey.

Joel Cruz Children

Lord of Scents, Joel Cruz has eight children. The names of his children are Charles, Princess Synne, Prince Harvey, Prince Harry, Charlotte, Prince Sean, Zaid, and Ziv. Six out of eight children were born through surrogacy. The surrogate mother of these children is Olesia. Joel Cruz used to call his children, “Bundle of Joy”. He has shared his journey of fatherhood through a video “Tunay Na Buhay.”

Joel Cruz Wife

Father of eight children, and Lord of Scent, Joel Cruz has a biological mother of his children named Lilia. Joel Cruz all children were born from a surrogate mother named, Olesia, who is called the mom of his bundle of joy.

What is Joel Cruz Age?

Joel Cruz was born on February 5, 1965. So, according to his date of birth, he celebrates his birthday every fifth of February. According to his birth date, he is currently 58 years old and is a father of eight children.

Joel Cruz Perfumes

Joel Cruz owns the perfume industry in Aficionado, that’s why he is called the “Lord of Scents”. He has a large number of perfumes collection. His most famous perfumes are named ???????????? ????????????????????????, ???????????????????? ????????????????, ???????????????????????? ????????????????, ???????????????????????? ????????????, etc. He himself gets engaged in making different kinds of perfumes, by mixing three or more scents to make very different scents.

Joel Cruz House

The house of Joel Cruz is built in Camp John Hay, Baguio City. This is a four-story mansion, which was built, and designed by CJHDevCo’s resident architect Ruben Payumo. His house is known as Chateau de Milagros. He reconstructed his ancestral home in  Sampaloc, Manila, into a three-story mansion. It is reported that he also owns a rest house in Tagaytay.

But his main house is in Camp John Hay, Baguio City. There is a video available on his youtube channel through which you can have a great tour of his house.

Takoyatea By Joel Cruz

Takoyatea is a restaurant by Joel Cruz in 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines. This restaurant offers a beset taste of food. The name of this restaurant is a related word from takoyaki and milk tea. It has a milk delivery service as well. It delivers food via food panda. This restaurant has many best foods like savory and sweet flavors. Joel Cruz Net Worth is also dependent on this restaurant. You can visit the menu o this restaurant and can order different types of good and delicious foods.

Joel Cruz Net Worth, and Biography
Image: IMDb

Joel Cruz Last Five Net Worth

Joel Cruz Net Worth depends upon his source of income. As we do know that he is the president and CEO of Aficionado Perfumes company. He also runs a restaurant as well. That’s why his net worth is expected to be very high. It is confirmed from earning sources that Joel Cruz Net Worth is near about 12 million dollars. His last five years’ net worth is given below:

Net Worth in 2022$10.9 million
Net Worth in 2021$10.3 million
Net Worth in 2020$9 million
Net Worth in 2019$7 million
Net Worth in 2018$4.7 million
Net Worth in 2017$3 million

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mother of the children of Joel Cruz?

The surrogate mother of his children is Lilia, but the biological mom of his eight children is Olesia, whom he says mom of his bundle of joy.

Who is the owner of the aficionado?

Joel Santos Cruz is the owner and CEO of the Aficionado.

How many children does Joel Cruz have?

Joel Cruz is the father of eight beautiful children, from his surrogate wife Lilia.

How did Joel Cruz get rich?

First, Joel Cruz made it able to sell his homemade perfumes with the help of French perfumer. Then he started selling his products under the brand name AF.

Is aficionado oil based?

Of course, the Aficionado is an oil-based perfume manufacturing company by Joel Cruz.

Is aficionado a Filipino brand?

Yes, Aficionado is a famous Filipino brand. This brand manufactures the best perfumes in the Philippines.


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